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You know you're here for a reason...
You're feeling lost, stuck, "over it" and you're not even sure what you want. BUT you know you want to create a better life - something for yourself - and it's time.
Let's work together to reignite your deepest desires, reconnect you to the wise, empowered woman that you are and take easy steps to get you moving forward on YOUR path.
about me

Reignite your inner potential

I use a coaching approach that draws on whole body wisdom to offer you more possibilities.

Hi I’m Dorotka,

I help women who are lost, stuck, and questioning what they want in their life next to find fulfilment, direction and purpose so that they can transform their personal life, relationships and sense of purpose.

Are you a mother or a professional or both? Are you feeling dissatisfied with your life? Do you feel like you don’t have enough time and energy and you keep putting everyone else first? Do you feel guilty and selfish taking care of your own needs?

I will help you to get really clear on what you want and work through the blocks and barriers that get in the way. You will feel more confident as you learn to access your deeper wisdom and discern what supports you. Taking inspired action becomes effortless when you are in alignment with who YOU really are.

Unlike traditional coaching which draws on thinking your way out of problems, I use a coaching approach that draws on whole body wisdom that opens you to more possibilities, embody the changes and make your transformation last.


about me
How I work

Embodied Transformation Method

Integrating Mind, Body and Energy

My approach to how I work

My signature coaching method integrates Mind, Body and Energy to help you fully align with your true self and your deepest yearning.

Our mind creates meaning from our everyday experiences from which our stories and beliefs arise. If you’re a procrastinator, people pleaser, and/or perfectionist you can pretty much guarantee that your thoughts and beliefs are getting in the way of you reaching your potential.

All too often we separate our mind from our bodies and don’t take notice of how this affects our energy and how we live in the world. What if I told you, that in order to create lasting change, we need to understand and have all three working together?

Continue reading...Mind and body are in constant communication. When both are in sync you can expect to experience that incredible state of flow – where everything becomes effortless and where you feel fully aligned with your true self and purpose.

Stress, physical and emotional tension, mental fog, feeling out of sorts and lacking energy are typical signs your mind, body and energy are out of balance.

Your body is more than just a container for blood, bones, and muscles and research tells us that it has an incredible intelligence – that when tapped into – can help transform your wellbeing and happiness.

Energy follows thought – meaning what you focus on is what you will get. Unhelpful thoughts, beliefs and mindset contribute to feeling scattered, overwhelmed, and deflated in energy.

I have developed the embodied transformation method, that integrates mind, body and energy, over nearly 2 decades of working with clients and take pride in offering you a unique method of coaching that helps you uncover any areas where you are stuck. By applying learning, tools and practices to uplift your mind, body and energy you are more likely to feel liberated, step into your feminine power and take action on your deepest yearnings.

How I work


Power up your
presence, passion and purpose

I offer three empowering and holistic packages that can help you.


Feminine Empowerment


Chaos to Calm


Body Wisdom


Imagine if you could align with and embody your WHOLE self. If you want to BE more, embody more and be in your feminine power then contact me now to see how we can work together.