Make 2022 your best year yet...

You know you're here for a reason...
You're feeling lost, stuck, "over it" and you're not even sure what you want. BUT you know you want to create a better life - something for yourself - and it's time.
Let's work together to reignite your deepest desires, reconnect you to the wise, empowered woman that you are and take easy steps to get you moving forward on YOUR path.
about me

Reignite your inner potential

Imagine what life would be like if you nourished your true self.

Hi I’m Dorotka,

I’m here to help women who are lost, stuck and questioning what they want in life to find fulfilment, direction and purpose.

Are you…

  • A mother?
  • A career woman?
  • In midlife?
  • All of the above?


Do you…

  • feel lost and unhappy with your life?
  • feel stretched for time?
  • feel like you’ve lost your mojo?
  • feel disconnected in your relationships?
  • feel overwhelmed or anxious?
  • have “hidden blocks” that keep you self-sabotaging?
  • feel disconnected to your inner wisdom?
  • find it difficult to ask for help?
  • keep putting everyone else first and yourself last?
  • feel guilty and selfish taking care of your own needs?

If you answered YES to any of the above, you’re in the right space!

I love helping women just like you get crystal clear on what you want, and break through the blocks and barriers that get in the way. You will gain confidence in your life, as you rediscover what is truly important to you, learn to access your inner wisdom, tap into the real you and make empowering decisions with conviction.

“Taking inspired action becomes effortless when you are in alignment with who YOU really are.”

Unlike traditional coaching which draws on thinking your way out of problems, I use an approach that draws on whole body wisdom. Working holistically opens you to possibilities you have never thought of before,  and makes your transformation last.


about me
How I work

Embodied Transformation Method

Integrating Mind, Body and Energy

My approach to how I work

My signature method integrates Mind, Body and Energy to help you fully align with your true self so that you can change your personal and professional life.

All too often we separate our mind from our bodies and don’t take notice of how this affects our energy and how that influences the choices we make. What if I told you, that in order to create lasting change, we need to understand and have all three working together?

Continue reading...The fact is…your mind, body and energy are in constant communication and when all are in sync you can experience focus,  flow, and freedom.   In fact, everything becomes effortless when you are fully aligned with your true self and purpose.

Do you ever feel…

  • Stressed?
  • Stuck
  • Anxious?
  • Tense?
  • Out-of-sorts?
  • Depleted?
  • Burnt-out?
  • Down?
  • Confused?

These are typical signs your mind, body and energy are out of balance.

The secret is to work with all three and then you will see the benefits first hand.

  • Less confusion
  • More clarity
  • Greater confidence
  • Easier decision-making
  • Emotional stability
  • Improved mood and motivation
  • Greater health and vitality
  • Better sleep
  • Reduction of stress and anxiety
  • Feel like you’re in charge
  • More connection in your relationships

The embodied transformation method integrates mind, body and energy. When you apply the learnings, the tools and practices to uplift your mind, body and energy, you will feel lighter, easily step into your power, and take inspired action on your deepest yearnings.

How I work


Power up your
presence, passion and purpose

I offer three empowering and holistic packages that can help you.


Empower Me Life Coaching


Calm Me Wellness Coaching


Body Wisdom Healing


The work gave me a feeling of freedom and possibility…

When I started coaching with Dorotka I was overwhelmed by life, in an emotionally bad space and I didn’t really know where I stood.

After going through the programme I felt confident that I could make decisions that supported what I deeply desired, mainly through finding what my values were and cherishing them rather than comparing them to what I thought society was expecting from me.

The work I did with Dorotka gave me a feeling of freedom and possibility that allowed me to project and manifest what I wanted and act on it. It also made me feel I could love myself and who I was.

Dorotka’s way of interacting is intuitive and compassionate and she manages to identify what the real issues are and help address them in a positive and constructive way.


Now, I feel worthy and deserving of love, happiness, success and security…

Dorotka is an incredible intuitive coach who brings a wealth of wisdom, kindness and loving energy into every session.

She has been invaluable in my quest in understanding myself on a deeper level, and gaining a few-found sense of awareness and appreciation for myself.

If you’re looking for someone to confide in, learn from about yourself and your potential, look no further than Dorotka.

She has provided me with all the resources, tactics and guidance I need to feel worthy and deserving of love, happiness, success and security.

She challenged by thinking, my attitude, values and beliefs. She saw in me the potential I needed to see in myself.

I am so grateful each and every day for Dorotka. Heaven alone knows where I’d be if I hadn’t met this beautiful angel.


Sam Jansen

A powerful, loving and unique way of combining a range of modalities…

I have attended Dorotka’s Quantum Touch courses and had private healing sessions with her. Dorotka has a very powerful, loving and unique way of combining a range of modalities that very accurately get to the key issues both physically and spiritually.

I have left every session feeling free of my mental and physical constraints and had powerful practices to implement into my life.

When I first met Dorotka I was overweight and in a very unhappy marriage.

Through working with Dorotka, I went from a size 20 to size 12 in six months using daily practices that felt effortless and I am now in a new relationship with a man who is a powerful equal. My life looks very different to what it did and I am in no doubt that Dorotka’s work and partnership has made a massive impact on me now having a life I love. Thank you Dorotka!!


I learn more about how to support myself no matter what…

I have been going to Dorotka for eight years now and she remains my favourite practitioner.

Dorotka is kind, empathetic, intuitive and incredibly knowledgeable on so many aspects of health and wellness. She helped me through an extremely difficult few years of my life with such generosity and care and I truly believe she saved my life.

Every session I have with her I learn more about how to support myself or the best way to move forward with whatever it is I am facing. Whoever gets the opportunity to spend time with her will understand just how incredible she is. I could not speak more highly of her.

Mary W

I no longer feel anxious or overwhelmed

Dorotka has been instrumental in helping me articulate my goals and make them a reality. By helping me to break down big obstacles into bite sized pieces, with steps to tackle each, made me no longer feel anxious or overwhelmed.

My sessions with Dorotka put me back in the drivers seat, where I felt in control of my life and decisions. My biggest take-away is to always honour myself. In going this I don’t feel the stress, anxiety and emotional burden I would usually feel. My CFS is well and truly in remission and I’m living a fuller, happier life, with thanks to my sessions with Dorotka.

Emma C.

I am always guided back to a state of inner calm and peace…

Dorotka’s manner is incredibly calm, self-possessed and reassuring.

In her presence I always feel safe, supported and nurtured. As our rapport developed I came to trust her implicitly enabling some very profound work.

She is the first person I think of when I am in turmoil as her methods always guide me back to a state of inner calm and peace. I hold her in the highest regard as a practitioner and as a person.

Anne R.

I became aware of where my blocks were and how to handle them…

Before I met Dorotka I was going through quite a lot – a very sore neck, not feeling motivated to grow my business, partly because of lack of confidence in myself, and difficulties with some relationships.

After having sessions with Dorotka I became aware of where my blocks were and felt more sure about how to handle them.

My physical aches and pains eased somewhat as I became clearer about what was truly important to me, and my direction forward.

Thanks Dorotka, your calm and clear communication style, your use of email when appropriate to send important messages/homework from our sessions, your understanding and support of my struggles, emotions and aspirations were really valuable.

Sharon, Tauranga

Imagine if you could align with and embody your WHOLE self. If you want to BE more, embody more and be in your power then contact me now to see how we can work together.